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Archviz Platform

The first centralised visualisation platform for architects, ArchViz studios and construction companies. Access the most advanced tools to present your art and projects, fully immersive through Augmented and Virtual Reality, and go the extra mile with Magic Leap.

We’ll be launching in April 2019!

Augmented Reality City Model
Augmented Model

Interactive experience

Your Model Augmented

Build an AR project without hassle, in an intuitive and short process. Make your models interactive for an optimum user experience!

Your Assets

Apply your own content! Use assets like renders, videos, 3D models or even animations. 

Your text

You can build titles and text descriptions anywhere.

You define positions

After importing your assets you can place them into the model, setting their positions.

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Augmented Reality

Watch your Models and projects in Augmented Reality simultaneously with Cloud Anchors within ARCore and ARKit. Everybody in the meeting has the same experience.

Easy Setup! Create your AR in a few minutes!

Augmented Reality

On every surface!

Show your 3D models with augmented reality, perfectly integrated on every surface ,with the option to scale and turn. Add additional Information and jump between scenes.

Augmented Reality

With your own graphics marker!

Build your model on graphical markers. Directly on construction plans or within project brochures.

Augmented Reality

On site!

Show your models integrated in Reality.  See how it will look within its environment and lighting.  

Virtual Reality

All on one site!

Easy VR!

For the first time you can have all your VR, 360 Videos and Virtual Tours on one site. Easy to build and share with your Team and Clients.. No more headaches jumping around platforms.

VR, Video 360 and Tours 360 

Get inmersive!

Import your Models, your VR worlds or 3d Projects into our player and share the experience easily. You can also simply build a VR Tour With your 360 renders connecting the dots with some extra features like day-night switch.

Landing page

Show or share

The perfect presentation

No more hassling between different players, websites, applications. Concentrate on what you do best! Show your work and your skills. And everything with your own branding!! Or simply embed all materials on your project landing page.


On our Desktop applications yourself, your team and clients can share VR experiences and 360 Tours.

Mobile APP

On our mobile app you can enjoy all the content you create including Renders, Videos, AR, Video 360 and Virtual Tours. 


On the web you can visualize a whole project, including its description, render, video, 360 video and virtual tours.

Magic Leap


Magic Leap integration

Magic Leap will work with all of our standard AR functions, using its particular hand gestures, head
movement and even its eye focus option.
Magic Leap will also add some fantastic extra functions in all of our features for Presentation and
Model Sharing.


The Dashboard

Build your AR,MR and VR projects. Upload Assets, design your experiences and invite your clients. 


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Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.